Learn from a performing professional!  Lessons are available in a variety of different styles for classical, acoustic steel-string, electric, or bass guitar and are taught at Brian's home studio in West Seattle.  Rates are $199.00 for four weekly one hour lessons or $99.00 for four weekly half hour lessons.  In-home lessons are available in certain locations for an additional fee.  Inquire for details. Trying to decide which teacher is right for you? Contact Brian today for a free 30 minute trial lesson before you commit.

Brian is a patient, encouraging teacher who will help you realize your musical goals.  He emphasizes technical and music fundamentals that allow you to excel at any style of music.  Please read below for specifics on what you will learn.

Classical Guitar

Learn classical playing position, how to read music, how to effectively use gravity and arm weight to your advantage, the shaping and use of fingernails for tone production, studies and exercises for technical development, and graduated repertoire.  Emphasis is placed on musicality, imitating the human voice, and individual expression and communication rather than strict academic interpretation.

Acoustic Steel-String Guitar

Learn fingerstyle or flatpicking.  Fingerstyle players are given the option of learning how to use fingernails for increased projection and superior tone.  Flatpicking students learn picking technique that produces a round, full tone, assists in the playing of well articulated phrases, and is ergonomically effective.  Both learn fundamentals of left hand technique that produce superior articulation, accuracy, and intonation.  Some students want to learn how to improvise, some just want to learn to strum their favorite songs.  The focus varies depending upon the musical interests of the student.  Steel-string students are also given the option of learning to read music.

Electric Guitar

The student learns healthy left hand technique that is ergonomically superior and creates better tone, accuracy, and articulation as well as effective right hand picking technique that minimizes unnecessary motion and effectively damps strings for a cleaner sound.  The student studies the style of music that he/she is interested in.  As with acoustic steel-string players, the student is given the choice of learning to read music or not, but it is recommended for those who want to become well rounded musicians that will have the ability to traverse styles.

Bass Guitar

Emphasis is placed on sound left and right hand technical fundamentals, learning to read notes on the bass,  understanding the function of a bass line in a musical structure, and how to create your own bass lines.

For more information please contact Brian by phone, or text at (206) 262-0595, or by e-mail at info@briantlally.com.